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Very Important Client Club Perks

In addition to friendly staff, caring services and dependability -- We also offer perks to our Very Important Client Club members. What this means for you is: Once you are an established client (paperwork/contract on file and access to your home verified) all you have to do is give us 48 hours notice and we GUARANTEE we will make room for you in the schedule. No matter what. We call this our Availability Guarantee! You will never have to worry about vacation planning, holiday coverage or working late again! Below are some other amazing perks to being part of the VIC club member!

Ever wonder where your fur babies went during their time out walking? Have no fear! we gps track each walk in real time and send you a message showing our route, the distance we walked, the amount of time we spent, and a little paragraph on how your fur baby did and if they went potty or not! 
*Note* This service is only for dog walking/ dog running clients. All pet sits will be sent hourly, daily, or nightly updates depending on your requests.