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The Dog Walkin' Divas, LLC

We Keep The Tails Wagging!

We care for your pets when you can't.

Dog Walking or Pet Sitting

We offer Dog Walking and Pet Sitting for any/all breeds and dispositions. Our Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters can't wait!

15 Minutes - $12.00

                       30 Minute - $16.00

                       45 Minute - $20.00

Dog Running

We give you the option of either running your pup                   for the desired time or taking your fetch-friendly friends out to run around in wide open areas where they can blow off some energy while having tons of fun!

30 Minute - $18.00

45 Minute - $22.00

Overnight Pet Sitting

These include an overnight in our client's home so your pets do not have to suffer with the stress and anxiety of you being gone AND having to stay in a foreign place such as a kennel or doggy daycare. These include an evening walk/ potty break, and overnight stay, a morning walk/ potty break and a midday visit to ensure your pet gets all the time out and about they need!

Overnight Pet Sitting - $46.00 / Night

Other Services Offered: 

Pet Taxiing - $7.00 / one way (10 mile radius)

Medication Disbursement - $3.00 extra per visit

Professional Bath and Blowdry - $6-20 depending on size of dog

Poop Scooping - $10 / half hour

Free Services Offered:                                                           Watering Plants, Bringing in the newspaper, Bring in the mail, Taking the trash out, cleaning all the overnight pet sit bedding used, any other small specific requests you may need while you are away.

**All major holidays include a $7.00 surcharge per visit.

Available Service Time Blocks

Early Morning - 5 am - 9 am

Morning - 9 am - 11 am

Midday - 11 am - 3 pm

Afternoon - 3 pm - 6 pm

Evening - 6 pm - 9 pm

After Hours - 9 pm - 12 am **an extra $3.00/pet will be charged for after hours walks.